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UAB METRUNA working since 2011


Metruna is a leading Lithuanian company of purchase, preparation and sale of scrap metal for recycling. Our field of activity is the collection, preparation and recycling services of scrap metal and waste.

Vision of Metruna UAB:
Metruna UAB aims to be a market leader in scrap metal management focused on customer needs.

Metruna UAB mission:
The activities of Metruna UAB are based on efficient solutions at waste generation sites and centrally managed logistics, treatment processes and sales. The management of business processes aims to achieve the quality goals.

By collecting, treating and recycling waste, we save natural resources and reduce the amount of waste, its harmful effects on the environment and energy costs. In order to continuously improve, we are committed to complying with legal and other requirements and we regularly review our activities in order to increase our performance. We are constantly improving our quality management system by setting and implementing quality goals and objectives. In our activities we try to use the best economically available production methods and tools. Our staff knows the impact of their work on safety, the environment and the quality of materials and activities, understands the company’s goals and is engaged in their implementation. Management supports and rewards targeted, innovative activities and promotes safety and quality improvements. The employees of our organization know the essence of the quality policy, the set goals and their functions. We work with dedication, economically and flexibly. In cooperation with our customers and partners, we develop our range of services in order to meet customer needs and improve quality management.

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