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UAB METRUNA working since 2011

UAB METRUNA is one of the largest metal scrap processing companies in the Baltic States, as we strive to become one of the largest scrap refiners in Europe, we are very concerned about the environment. Every year millions of tons of scrap are recycled to the industry for the raw material.

The processing of scrap metal is environmentally friendly, there is no need for additional storage space for landfill sites. Due to the fact that metal is easy to recycle and reuse, it reduces the environmental damage associated with its extraction, and conserves the natural resources needed for the processing of metal.

We are proud of our work contributing to the conservation of nature, in keeping with all the latest environmental standards, by cutting, crushing and otherwise treating scrap metal.

We ensure that all import and export rules are complied with to all scrap metal.

We continuously improve our knowledge of service quality, innovate in the field of environment so that we can offer our customers only the highest quality services and products.

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